Behavioral Finance 

Events and markets cannot be controlled, but how we manage our reactions to them can be. Achieving results is about how we predict and manage our behaviors. 

Natural Behaviors

The Natural Behavior Discovery is the starting point for my process in holistically uncovering my client's financial personality. 


This step in our discovery process objectively uncovers my client's natural instinctive behavior reflecting where they will be most comfortable making life and financial decisions over the long-term, and will “go to” under pressure.


Behavioral Bias

I measure 16 behavioral biases independently and display them in the Behavioral Management Guide report. 


I have found that I can bring as much as 150 bps (1.5%) of value by coaching our clients to manage these behaviors.


Financial Behaviors

Financial Behaviors are deep-rooted patterns of investor behaviors which, if not managed, can cause people to make irrational decisions on a regular basis.


Risk Behaviors

I connect the measured natural behavior and learned behavior risk scores based on population weighting to the overall risk profile which is used for building my client's investment portfolio.


In the end, our role as a financial advisor, is to determine the appropriate risk profile for my client's portfolio and makes it easy to align risk-taking behavior to goals and financial capacity.