Financial Planning

My Financial Planning and Financial Advising process of determining whether and how you can meet life goals through the proper management of financial resources. 


Financial Statement Preparation



a statement that estimates your financial resources and expenditures for a given period

Cash Flow Statement


a statement that summarizes your cash inflows and outflows for a given period 


Net Worth Statement


a statement of your assets and liabilities

Strategies and Techniques


optimize your short- and mid-term cash flow, assets, and liabilities


Insurance Planning & Risk Management 

Insurance Needs Analysis


including disability, life, health, long-term care, property, and liability

Choose A Strategy


utilize some or all of the four primary risk management techniques available to you

Explain Factors That Affect Premiums


recommend appropriate methods for reducing your household insurance costs

Identify Strategies And Techniques 


manage financial exposure due to personal risk 

We Don't Sell Insurance

We work with Insurance professionals who use Low Load Insurance and Annuities, which saves our clients in internal fees

Employee Benefits Planning

Maximize Your retirement Plan


We help you understand and develop strategies to maximize your employer provided plan

Health Insurance Options


Understand all the costs and benefits associated with the different types of plans


Employee Assistance Plans


weigh the benefits of what you have and Potential utilization


FSA And HSA Plans


We walk through the potential options and benefits

employee stock option plan


We help you optimize and understand your options


Investment Planning

Investment Plan


We develop a plan that is best for you and your needs, which addresses the following questions: 

What are your goals?

When do you need to reach those goals?

How much do you need to invest now or incrementally, as time goes by?

What is your investment style preference?

How Much risk are you comfortable taking?

How often do you want to adjust your plan?

Income Tax Planning

Family Net Worth


We implement strategies and techniques to maximize present value of after-tax net worth


Minimize Tax Liability And Maximize After-Tax Returns


We recommend actions for you and your dependents consistent with IRS Code with a tax conscious decisions

CPA And Tax Attorney


We work closely with your CPA, or tax attorney, to identify and structure transactions that will minimize you and your tax burden across your life cycle


Education Planning

Private School And College


We identify strategies and techniques to pay for Private School and College

Affordable Options


We create a plan of affordable options for College

Save And Invest For Education


We develop strategies to best save and invest for education

Scholarships + Assistance And Loans


We walk through various options for scholarships, assistance, and loans


Retirement Planning

Retirement Income Planning


We develop strategies to coordinate income and make that retirement income last

Estate Plan


We make sure your estate plan is able to implement your wishes

Health Care Needs


We consider and prepare for health care needs and costs

Early Retirement


We explore opportunities for potentially early retirement

Charitable Giving


We consider opportunities to donate to charities

Tax Efficiency


We develop tax efficient strategies so you make the most out of retirement

Social Security And Medicare


We help understand and choose your best strategies for Social Security and Medicare


Estate Planning

Preservation And Distribution


We implement strategies and techniques for preservation and distribution of accumulated assets

Beneficiary Designation


We properly designate beneficiaries on all of your accounts so that your money goes where it is supposed to

Coordinate With Attorney


We coordinate with your current attorney or direct you to one you are comfortable with to implement critical documents such as:


Estate Planning Documents


Last Will and Testament

Durable Power of Attorney

Health Care Proxy

Living Will