EVOKE® Financial Planning and Wealth Management

Intro Call

Intro Call

No Sales Pitches, Just Conversation

In this approximately 15-minute conversation, you can expect a pressure-free environment. Our goal is not to sell you a service but rather to understand your needs, goals, and expectations. We welcome all your questions – whether about our fees, our process, or anything else you have in mind.

Sharing Our Process

We’ll give you a brief, clear overview of our approach and proven methodologies, which integrates Life Planning, Financial Planning, Wealth Management, and Business Value & Exit Planning into a tailored process for each client.


Before the call, we ask you to fill out or bring any helpful intake paperwork to help us understand your current financial situation. This will maximize our time during the call to focus on your goals and our potential partnership.

Next Steps

If it feels like we’re a good fit, we’ll move on to the Exploration stage, where we dig deeper into your financial life planning. If not, we’re happy to recommend an alternative that might better suit your needs. Either way, you can be sure we have your best interests at heart.



A Safe Space for Your Dreams

This is a 75-minute conversation, designed to allow you to express your important relationships, values, life goals, and personal growth plans. We often don’t get the time or space to reflect on our dreams; our Exploration meeting provides that opportunity.

The Art of Listening

Our primary goal during this meeting is to establish a strong connection with you. We’re here to listen, ask clarifying questions, and understand the needs beneath your expressed needs. We use open-ended questions, including the famous “Three Questions“, to help unveil your deepest aspirations.

Process Clarity

We want you to feel at peace with our approach. During the meeting, we’ll provide a clear picture of our process moving forward, ensuring you know what to expect at each stage.

Next Steps

By the end of the meeting, we aim to have a completed fact-finder, providing us with a comprehensive understanding of your financial situation. Once we have an agreement to proceed, we’ll be ready to kickstart your journey toward financial freedom with Modern Wealth.



Unlocking Your Dreams

In this 75-minute session, we explore your answers to the “Three Questions” and refine your goal priorities. If you’re sharing this journey with a partner, we’ll combine both visions to create a shared path forward, igniting excitement for the journey ahead.

Your Personalized Plan

We’ll present your concise 1-Page Financial Life Plan, a roadmap to your financial freedom tailored specifically to your goals and aspirations. This plan isn’t just a document; it’s a dynamic, interactive tool that we’ll continually revisit and refine as your journey progresses.

Speaking Benefits, Not Jargon

Our focus is to show you the real-life benefits of our advice – “keeping more of your money so you don’t run out,” “providing options for future lump sums,” “avoiding financial pitfalls we can’t control,” and more. We avoid complex jargon and buzzwords to keep our conversation simple, genuine, and relatable.

Transparent Fees

We believe in total transparency, which is why we’ll provide a clear quote for our services during this meeting. We’re ready to discuss and overcome any objections or concerns you may have.

The Next Step

By the end of our Vision meeting, we’ll agree on the next step of your financial life planning and wealth management journey with Modern Wealth.



Getting Organized

We believe in the power of precision and organized data as the stepping stones to successful financial planning. We emphasize collecting and structuring your financial information with accuracy. This commitment to excellence fosters dependable and insightful advice, augmenting your trust in our shared decision-making journey.

Your Financial Navi

Our collaboration aims to streamline your financial life. We encourage you to bring any accessible financial documents to our meetings. You can use the Modern Wealth Document Checklist as a guide! Don’t worry if it’s just a box of unsorted papers or even unopened envelopes – we’re here to help you sift through it all. If your accounts are primarily online, we’ll assist you in locating and linking them to our app, RightCapital, which we will invite you to! This ensures a holistic and streamlined planning journey. Lastly, we use Nitrogen, the industries leading risk assessment software to pinpoint the “Risk Number” that is ideal for your investments.

Organized… Really Organized

By the conclusion of our session, our aim is to have your financial situation better organized. Together, we’ll kick-start your journey towards maintaining well-ordered financial data, and establish a system to keep it that way. In doing so, we’ll collect all the necessary information to push your financial plan to the next level.



Knowledge is Power

In our Knowledge Meeting, we present your personalized Financial Life Plan. This plan is a result of our collective efforts, focusing on your priorities and shaping an action plan.

Your Financial Life Plan is a strategic guide that provides a complete overview of your present and future financial position. It uses your current financial data to project future cash flows, the growth of your assets, and the schedule of your withdrawals. Here’s what a typical Financial Life Plan includes:

Income and Expenses

An evaluation to determine your net cash flow – the backbone of wealth creation.

Assets and Liabilities

A breakdown of your financial assets and liabilities, presenting a clear picture of your current financial status.

Insurance Coverage

A review of your insurance policies to ensure you are adequately protected against substantial risks.

Investment Plan

A strategy focused on your financial aspirations, risk tolerance, and investment timeline.

Retirement Strategy

A plan that ensures you save and invest wisely for your retirement, considering various income sources.

Tax Plan

Tactical strategies designed to reduce tax liabilities now and in the future.

Estate Plan

A structured plan for managing your estate in the event of death or incapacity, which includes tools like wills and trusts.



With your Financial Life Plan set, we’ll now embark on realizing your action plan, highlighting your prime priorities, and steering you toward your envisioned life.

A Trusted Partner… Your Fiduciary

As your committed fiduciary, our service continues beyond planning. We’ll monitor your progress, providing guidance if you deviate from the plan, adjust to changes, or celebrate exciting milestones. Our regular quarterly meetings will enable us to assess progress, explore potential scenarios, and fortify your financial health by executing the crucial pillars of Wealth Management.

Schedule an Intro Call

A 15-Minute Investment for Your Best Life

If you think that our services might be the perfect fit for you, your family, or your business, we’d be absolutely delighted to chat! Why not set up an Intro Call with us? We promise it will be a relaxed, no-pressure, confidential conversation. We can’t wait to hear from you at Modern Wealth.