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Updated: May 5, 2020

Aside from developing a sound asset allocation based on your Goals, Risk Tolerance, and Investment Policy statement, we build portfolios based on what's important to you. Do you prefer Lower Fees, the potential for Higher Returns, Minimizing your Tax Liability, Protecting your Investment and potentially Limiting Your Downside, or being Socially and Environmentally Responsible?

Lower Fees

We have strategies that attempt to generate similar returns as the broad Market Index, while keeping overall fees lower.

Higher Returns

We have strategies designed to perform better than the return generated by a particular index or the overall market.

Tax Efficient

We have strategies  that seek to avoid short-term capital gains because these gains are taxed at higher rates.

Downside Protection

We have strategies that aim to reduce the frequency and magnitude of capital losses, resulting from significant market declines.

Socially Responsible

We have strategies that place greater emphasis on companies considered to be acting in more environmentally responsible ways. 

Ultimately the financial plan leads the way. The specifics of the investments we use can be chosen by you. It's time you are asked what you prefer and are not told what you "should" invest in.

If you feel our Real Investment Management techniques can help you achieve your goals, please schedule an Intro Call!

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