Tax Preparation

"The hardest thing in the world to understand...

is the income tax."

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Individual Tax Return

We can prepare your 1040 / Individual Income Tax Returns including:

Schedule A - Itemized Deductions

Schedule B - Interest and Dividends

Schedule D - Capital Gains & Losses

Item 1040-ES - Estimated Taxes (Safe Harbor)


Resident State Tax Return


And additional forms such as:

Schedule C - Profit or Loss from Business

Schedule E Part 1 - Supplemental Income and Loss

Schedule E Part 2 - Income or Loss from Partnerships and S Corporations

Schedule F - Profit or Loss from Farming

Schedule H - Household Employment Taxes

Form 8606 - Nondeductible IRAs

Education Credit(s)

Health Care Credit(s)

Homeowner Credit(s)

Income and Savings Credit(s)

Family and Dependent Credit(s)

Education Deduction(s)

Work Related Deduction(s)

Health Care Deduction(s)

Qualified Business Income Deduction(s)

Additional State(s) Tax Return(s)

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Trust Tax Return

We can prepare your Form 1041/ Tax Return for Estates and Trusts including:

The income, deductions, gains losses, etc of your estate or trust

The income that is either accumulated or held for future distribution or distributed currently to the beneficiaries

Any income tax liability of the estate or trust

Employment taxes on wages paid to household employees

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Business Tax Return

We can prepare your Business Tax Return including:

Form 1065 - Partnership


Form 990 - Organization Exempt from Income Tax

Form 1120-S / S Corporation

Form 1120 - Corporation

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