Investment Management



  • Understanding Risk

    At Modern Wealth, we believe that traditional subjective risk questionnaires can often fall short. That’s why we’ve adopted a unique approach, focusing on your individual ‘risk number’. This methodology merges our comprehensive investment expertise, innovative technology, and strong investment philosophy to empower our clients to invest with confidence.

  • Pinpointing Your Risk Number

    We use a scientific approach to identify your risk number through a series of objective exercises based on actual dollar values. If you’re already an investor, we can swiftly incorporate your existing portfolio to assess whether your risk number aligns with the current level of risk in your investments.

  • Building Your Optimized Portfolio

    We then utilize these elements to construct a tailored portfolio that suits your risk tolerance and objectives, thereby maximizing your potential for success.

  • Stress Testing and Scenarios

    Our service doesn’t stop there. We perform stress tests on your portfolio under various market conditions, illustrating potential scenarios and discussing your 95% probability range to set realistic expectations for your investment performance.

  • A Clear Path to Retirement

    We’ll help you envision a probable successful retirement and make adjustments in real-time based on this visualization. By employing a simple and intuitive approach, we provide a roadmap to retirement that can adapt to changes as they happen.

  • Removing Guesswork from Your Financial Future

    Our goal is to eliminate uncertainty from your financial journey. With Modern Wealth, you’re not just investing; you’re crafting a future with confidence and clarity.



  • Balancing Risk

    At Modern Wealth, we believe in avoiding unnecessary risks. Putting all your eggs in one basket, or in this case, one stock, can expose you to unwarranted financial hazards. Instead, we advocate for diversification, a strategy that mitigates the influence of any single company’s performance on your overall wealth.

  • Beyond Predictions

    Despite the abundance of research, there is no foolproof way to forecast top-performing stocks consistently. Rather than relying on uncertain predictions, broad diversification serves as a safeguard against unnecessary risk, allowing for more stable investment outcomes.

  • Globally Diversified Portfolio

    The financial market is a global arena, and no one can accurately predict which markets will excel year after year. With a globally diversified portfolio, you’re not bound by geography or industry, enabling you to seize investment returns wherever they might arise. Through diversification, Modern Wealth empowers you to build a more resilient, balanced portfolio for a secure financial future.



  • The Power of Data

    At Modern Wealth, we harness the power of interactive historical and statistical data to deeply analyze your portfolio. We compare your holdings against a wide range of factors – market indexes, model portfolios, blended benchmarks, and individual securities – to ensure your investments are well-diversified and resilient. We use tools like correlation, diversified risk metrics, and 95% historical capture analytics to provide a comprehensive picture of your portfolio’s diversification.

  • Understanding Your Investments

    We take a close look at your portfolio’s exposure to different equity and bond sectors, as well as a fund’s regional reach. Our thorough evaluation ensures that you’re not just invested, but also well-informed and confident about the components of your investment portfolio.

  • Visualizing Risk and Reward

    Our risk and reward scatterplot provides a clear, visual representation of your portfolio’s risk efficiency. We compare your portfolio against standard benchmarks and indexes, delve into your top ten holdings, and analyze data across multiple time frames.

  • Versatile Data Visualization

    We believe in examining data from multiple perspectives. Therefore, we toggle between “size” and “style”, enabling you to see the breakdown of small, mid, and large-cap, or value, blend, and growth/value funds within your portfolio.

  • Real-Time Portfolio Adjustments

    Ever wanted to test changes to your portfolio and see the impact immediately? With Modern Wealth, you can. From small adjustments to major shifts, we empower you to experiment with potential modifications and instantly visualize the effects, providing valuable insight before implementing any strategy.



  • Navigating Emotional Investing: The Power of Disciplined Strategy

    Investing isn’t just about numbers; it’s also about navigating human emotions and instincts. People often find it challenging to detach their feelings from their investment decisions, leading them down a reactive cycle influenced by extreme optimism or fear. Such emotionally-driven actions can result in ill-timed decisions that may significantly affect investment performance.

  • Adding Value for a Better Investment Experience

    Our role extends beyond simply managing your investments; we provide expertise and guidance to help you concentrate on value-adding actions. By minimizing emotional influences and maintaining a focus on strategic decision-making, we strive to enhance your investment experience.


At Modern Wealth, we believe your investment portfolio should mirror your risk tolerance, objectives, and investment horizon. More than that, our custom strategies are fine-tuned to align with your unique values and circumstances.

  • Core/Satellite

    Central to our approach, core investments are the bedrock of a long-term portfolio, providing consistent returns and dependable performance. Complementing these are our satellite or non-core holdings, focusing on specific sectors and growth/value stocks for added diversification.

  • Multi-Manager Strategist

    We grant you access to a cadre of investment strategists who create bespoke portfolio solutions, addressing the ever-evolving needs of our clients. These solutions often encompass an assortment of mutual funds and/or exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

  • Managed Accounts Solutions

    These solutions offer specialized money managers who oversee individual portfolios of stocks or bonds, according to a distinct investment style. Representing a wide array of asset classes and styles, these managers bring their expert security selection to your portfolio.

  • Distribution Focused Strategies

    These strategies aim to deliver a regular, “paycheck-like” cash flow over a specific period from a diversified array of mutual funds, helping investors meet their cash flow objectives relative to their risk tolerance and time horizon.


    Our Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) portfolio strategies aim to minimize exposure to companies with a negative social impact and favor those with positive ESG attributes.

  • Tax Sensitive

    Designed for investors who seek to manage their tax liability, our tax-sensitive strategies offer tactically tax-efficient management within a diversified portfolio.

  • Fixed Income

    Our bond strategies, including Ladder, Barbell, and Bullet strategies, can provide stable income, decrease risk for major purchases, and potentially reduce portfolio volatility.

  • Alternative Investments

    These non-traditional investments can provide a low correlation to conventional asset classes. Examples include private equity, private credit, venture capital, hedge funds, real estate, managed futures, arts and antiques, commodities, derivatives contracts, and both exotic and classic vehicles.

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