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Empowering people to Live Wealthy with a specialization in Financial Life Planning, Behavioral Finance and Socially Responsible Investing

Modern Wealth

We believe that by merging our client's goals, values, behaviors, resources and technology into a simple process, we can ensure our clients can live the life they want and know they will be okay.


As a Financial Advisor and Financial Life Planner, we have unique Financial Planning and Investment Management strategies helping Millennial, Generation X, and Baby Boomers, no matter what generation you identify with. 


If this visit puts you in a better situation than before, great! But if you feel your life deserves a 30 minute, complimentary, intro call, please schedule one. We'd love to help you. Either way, thanks for stopping by!

Financial Life Planning

Our Financial Life Planning process connects the dots between your financial reality and the life you long to live.

Financial Planning

Our Financial Planning and Financial Advising process of determining whether and how you can meet life goals through the proper management of financial resources.

Investment Management

We believe that everyone should understand the process and philosophy of their investment portfolios. We also believe in investing with a purpose. Your portfolio should represent your values and be tailored to what is important to you. 

Behavioral Finance

Events and markets cannot be controlled, but how we manage our reactions to them can be. Achieving results is about how we predict and manage our behaviors. 


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